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MD Kawsar Ahmed

Kawsar Ahmed is a well-known Bangladeshi Musician, Entrepreneur and YouTuber who achieved worldwide fame. He was born on 10 July 1994 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ahmed is a talent person from his childhood. He later pursued a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences at the Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology.

He has completed his bachelor’s with good reputation. Ahmed is a talented boy from a young age. Ahmed has developed his talent in everything from education, sports and his current career. Ahmed is an honest, dutiful, hardworking, punctual man. From a young age,

He had a different fascination with music. As a result, he has mastered the music well. He is known in the music industry with his two famous albums. Ahmed has released two albums till now titled No Love No Pain and Me In You, consisting of six songs and three songs respectively. During his career, Ahmed has also worked as a background musician in several Bangladeshi movies, TVCs, and commercials.

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